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“Waymark successfully completed the national registration of Voters for the Electoral Commission of Zambia”
N Kalale (Office of the electoral commission – Zambia)

Our services


Biometric enrolment and verification solutions

Using biometric solutions to various management applications all across Africa.


Case management and investigative analysis

Providing training and support to help combat illegal activities.


Telecoms, media and entertainment solutions

Including designs for data warehouses and business intelligence strategies.


Personal data protection and privacy solutions

Waymark uses Secupi, an end to end data privacy, enforcement and compliance platform.

Biometric Enrolment and Verification Solutions

With over 16 years’ experience in this field, we have enabled more than 10 Electoral Commissions in Africa to enroll voters for elections using biometrics to establish voters’ rolls and to positively verify voters at voting days.

We design and integrate biometrics-enabled person/citizen identification and credentialing solutions. Customers in various sectors need to comply with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) regulations such as FICA and RICA.

Our solution offering in this domain enables customers to do enrolments, online verifications and uniquely identity individuals using fingerprint, voice and face biometrics. Public sector applications of the solution include citizen voter registrations and deduplications for producing a voter’s roll, public servant registration and ghost employee identification, national ID cards, national border movement control, person identification and criminal record management within the police and integrated justice process.

Data Analytics and Case Management for Investigations

Waymark provided training and Support of a Social Network Relationships and Analysis Platform to a number of organizations in South Africa that jointly combat poaching and illegal trade of wild life in Southern Africa. This enabled Investigative analyst to reduce the time to gather and establish links of syndicates from weeks of effort to a few hours.

Waymark implement an Electronic Patience Case file for a Private Hospital Group with 8 hospitals in South Africa. The solution has enabled the Hospital Group’s Authorised users to easily access and retrieve pertinent information from patient files for the purpose of claims and review of cases.

Telecoms, Media and Entertainment Solutions

In collaboration with Amdocs and using Amdocs tools and processes, we provide IT systems design, integration and support services in the Business Support and Operations Systems (BSS/OSS) of Telecommunication and Media operators.

Personal Data Protection and Privacy Solutions

Organizations worldwide are faced with the challenge of ensuring compliance to data privacy laws as promulgated by various jurisdictions such as POPI in South Africa and GDPR in the European Union, whilst enabling seamless day-to-day operations by their IT staff and customer service and support staff.

Failure to appropriately manage and ensure data privacy exposes public and private sector organizations to hefty penalties, litigation and reputational damage.

Waymark offers and implements Secupi, an end to end data privacy, enforcement and compliance platform that has been successful implemented on-premise and cloud environment for customers in the financial services, telecoms, utilities and public sectors.

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